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"[Skulpt AIM] measures the muscle quality and body fat percentage to get a more specific and measurable sense of your progress"

Press mens fitness

January 2016 | Read more

"You learn more about the efficiency of your exercise and can tailor programs that are really making a difference to the strength of your body."
September 2016 | Read more
"The tailored training plan is impressively in-depth and easy to follow."
December 2016 | Read more
"Unlike other activity trackers or even a mirror, the Skulpt scanner quickly enables the map to display real tissue-level physical changes supported by data.”
January 2017 | Read more
"A much better measurement than BMI or weight."
February 2017 | Read more
“The Bluetooth device makes it super simple to assess your body fat percentage and muscle quality”
Press small tech hive
January 2016 | Read more
“[Skulpt Scanner] can measure the quality of 24 different muscles, giving you a new way to measure your strength and fitness progress - and a way to peek inside your body”
Press small refinery29
January 2016 | Read more
“It’s a refreshingly different take on fitness tracking”
Press small tnw
January 2016 | Read more
“The Skulpt Aim is one of the most hardcore fitness gadgets I’ve ever seen.”
Press small usa today
October 2015 | Read more
"[Skulpt Aim is] likely to become a staple tool for muscle building."
Press small patriots
March 2015 | Read more
“This little device is about to make a big difference in the way people approach fitness.”
Press small womensrunning
May 2015 | Read more
“Essentially the Aim replaces the outdated modes of checking up on your physical progress like measuring only weight or Body Mass Index.”
Press small digital trends
May 2015 | Read more
“Using the Skulpt Aim, you can tell, over time, how your muscles are improving or see how dietary changes affect your body-fat percentage.”
Press small refinery29
May 2015 | Read more
“The Skulpt Aim stands out from the crowded (and ever-growing) field of fitness trackers by measuring not only body fat percentage but also the quality of individual muscles.”
Press small mens fitness
July 2015 | Read more
“The Aim is not trying to track you, as in your motion through a physical space or your stresses while performing, but to track your improvement — the results of your hard work.”
Press small digital trends
May 2015 | Read more
“...the amount of data and information you are able to collect from [the Aim] and use to your own fitness benefit, all from your own home, is revolutionary.”
Press small womensrunning
May 2015 | Read more
“It's a truly cool gadget, because it can help you see that your workouts really are making your body stronger (even if your scale and/or pants don't yet reflect that)”
Press small glamour
March 2015 | Read more
“while the device might seem perfectly suited to the body-building world, there is more to Skulpt than just bulking up”
Press small sports illustrated
February 2015 | Read more
“The New Fitness Gadget That May Take Over Fitbit”
Press small redbook
February 2015 | Read more
“the Skulpt [Aim] truly is one of a kind”
Press small mens fitness
January 2015 | Read more
“Fitness Gadget Game-Changer”
Press small glamour
February 2015 | Read more
“a fitness tracker on steroids”
Press small cnet
June 2015 | Read more
“the Skulpt Aim isn’t afraid to tell us the truth – the real truth”
Press small phone arena
February 2015 | Read more
“information that’s far more insightful than your body weight, waistline, or the number of calories you burned on a given day.”
Press small digital trends
January 2015 | Read more
“This little guy is giving us numbers that are way more valuable than how many steps we took in one day.”
Press small redbook
February 2015 | Read more
“Brilliant, because it allows you to easily see that you’re making progress, and where.”
Press small self
November 2013 | Read more



Press Releases

Skulpt Announces New CMO

San Francisco, CA – Skulpt, the science-based, athletic performance technology company, has hired Anders Pers as Chief Marketing Officer.

As CMO, Pers will lead Skulpt’s consumer marketing and branding initiatives, and retail strategy. With 25 years of marketing experience, he has a longstanding track record of success with a wide range of consumer brands, ranging from start-ups to global icons, including Coca-Cola, Toyota,, 24 Hour Fitness and Muscle Milk.

"We are excited to have Anders join the team," said Dr. Jose Bohorquez, CEO of Skulpt. "His expertise in marketing will help advance our product offerings and guide the company’s infrastructure as we continue to expand."

Skulpt measures muscle quality and body fat using Composition Myography (CM). This technology was originally developed by Harvard Medical School neurologist (and Skulpt co-founder) Dr. Seward Rutkove to measure muscle health and track the progress of patients with neuromuscular disorders, such as ALS and muscular dystrophy.

About Skulpt

Founded in 2009 by Harvard Medical School Neurologist Dr. Seward Rutkove and MIT graduate Dr. Jose Bohorquez, Skulpt began as a medical device company focused on commercializing Dr. Rutkove’s Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM) technology, originally developed to measure muscle health and track progress for patients with muscular disorders. EIM was originally funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institutes of Health (NIH), has been studied for over 15 years, and is currently used in clinical trials at leading medical centers and by leading pharmaceutical companies. In 2012, the company developed its consumer-focused offering by miniaturizing its lab-based technology into a device and software that can be used by untrained consumers to track and improve their athletic performance. The new Skulpt Scanner allows consumers to optimize their workout time and get real results efficiently and reliably, with access to expertise previously available only through professional fitness testing and coaching. For more information, visit:

For Media Inquiries:

Jenny Russo (650)269-8789 | Jenny(at)commstrat(dot)com
Liz Helton (707) 319-6085 | Liz(dot)H(at)commstrat(dot)com

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