Muscle Quality (MQ) is a rating of your muscles’ fitness.
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The Smart Way

TO Measure Muscle Quality

Muscle Quality (MQ) is a rating of your muscles' fitness. A high Muscle Quality score means a lean, strong, and fit muscle. Define your progress with detailed, accurate, and scientifically meaningful measurements.

Why Measure

Muscle Quality?

Muscle Quality tells you when your muscles are getting leaner, well before your mirror does. By measuring individual muscles, Skulpt products help you optimize your training based on a detailed, accurate, up-to-date score for each of 24 locations.

Muscle Quality is the force a muscle produces relative to its size.


Your Muscle Quality

Strength train your way to a high Muscle Quality. Measure individual muscles with the Skulpt Scanner, know which areas need more work, and reach your peak performance, more efficiently.