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Reach Your Peak Performance

The Skulpt Performance System provides a deeper understanding of your physical strengths and weaknesses, along with workout based on your unique physiology and goals. Our products utilize science-driven techniques previously available only to elite athletes.

Measure Muscle and Fat Directly

For most competitive athletes, strength training has a purpose, and sets and reps aren't the point: it's the quality of, and balance among, the muscle tissues being built. However, it can be hard to judge the relative fitness of individual muscles from workout logs.

The Skulpt Scanner uses a highly accurate scientific method, Composition Myography (CM), to measure your actual muscle quality and fat percentage directly, at 24 locations throughout your body.

About the Science

See What needs work

The Skulpt App converts data from those key muscle groups into an easy-to-use map of your relative strengths and weaknesses. Compare your latest results with past measurements to see progress over time, whether muscle-by-muscle or overall.

Multiple direct measurements enable our Scanner and App to show actual tissue-level physical changes quicker and more accurately than mirrors, calipers, scales, tape measures, activity trackers, whole-body electronic devices, or even highly detailed workout data.

Get Personalized Advice

We start by helping you achieve a more balanced physique. Then we add guidance more specific to your personal goals, from our advisory panel of leading trainers in key sports for our users.

Regardless of what stage you're at, your workout plan and diet advice will be adjusted in response to your latest Scanner measurements. The data helps us to see what works best for you, and help you reach your peak performance, with less wasted effort.